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  • Limited Edition Book - The Hunters, by Debbie Stewart
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    The Precarious Lives of New Zealand’s Bird of Prey, by Debbie Stewart

    The majestic New Zealand falcon in flight looks like a sleek killing machine – but it is one of the most endangered and misunderstood birds in our nation today.

    This landmark book presents all of our amazing birds of prey, from the cute ruru (morepork) we hear calling at night, to the hawks that hover over roadkill on our highways. Stunning photographs show the lives of these birds in intimate close-up, and the stories make a case for their continuing protection as a vital part of our fragile ecosystems.

    Then there are the tales of the species that have already disappeared, like the incredible Haast’s eagle, which was large enough to hunt moa, and the laughing owl, said to have sounded like the devil.

    Debbie Stewart has been working with raptors for more than 30 years and tells riveting and sometimes hilarious tales of her work. She and her team at Wingspan in Rotorua are passionate about their goals. They try to bring people into closer contact with these elusive creatures, while working to rescue and rehabilitate injured birds, using the ancient art of falconry to teach them to fly again.

    ‘Early bird’ pre- orders are now being accepted for the hardcover, signed, limited edition of 500, 240 pages, full colour. Personally signed by Debbie Stewart and Noel Hyde, these special hardcover copies are exclusive to Wingspan, and not available in stores or other online shops. All proceeds of this special edition are towards the development of the new national bird of prey centre, and you’ll read about that on page 226!

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    The Hunters per copy includes shipping NZ-Wide NZ$112

    Printed by Penguin Random House New Zealand
    Distribution end of May 2018

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    NZ$112 per copy.

    Printed by Penguin Random House New Zealand.
    Distribution end of May 2018.

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